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Off again to rural Kentish Town last night and the country estate of Lord Manuel Of B3ta for another SESSION on the video for The Gay Train. This was, I think, our FOURTH session, having recorded it, watched the "rushes" (FILM SPEAK), and made a start on the actual editting. THIS time we made an attempt on completing a full version of it, and THUS spent almost six HOURS glaring at the computer screen, breaking only briefly for childcare and GRUB.

It took a long time, but we made it, and it's looking pretty good. There were moments during the evening when i faced CRISIS: "Is this actually any good?" I thought, after sitting STARING at my own GURNING FACE for hours, but then we'd have a look back at what we'd done and say "Yes, yes it is." The "then they let off all these balloons" bit took a bit of thinking about, but eventually we got something rather NICE, I thought. I also suggested a bit for the line immediately following it, and had the rather strange experience of being informed by The Ginger Fuhrer that perhaps it wasn't in the best taste, and we'd be better off doing something beautiful instead. It was a little ODD.

There's still a bit of work to do - some sections stay FIXED on the same camera shot for over five seconds, which makes it look a bit boring in comparison to the rest, and the ending isn't quite the CARNIVAL CAVALCADE I'd expected just yet, but we DO have a complete version of the video with everything pretty much in the right place, and one more session of TWEAKING should see it done. Having looked at it so LONG I'm almost taking for granted how PROPER and Like A Video it is, but it really IS like a Proper Video, it's DEAD good!

By shortly after ten o'clock we'd reached the stage where Rob was shouting "WHY DO YOU DEFY ME?!?" (or similar) at the computer and I was unable to answer even the simplest questions with anything other than an "UGH!" so we ceased tweaking and popped to the pub for a sneaky PINT. It was well deserved.

posted 5/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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