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Blog: Stocky?!?

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PERUSING the magazine stands in Borders today I discovered the following review in Plan B, of our gig in Brighton:
He's stocky, personable, from up North somewhere. He wields a guitar and sharp observational lyrics like a man born and bred on John Peel's eighties shows (Serious Drinking, I Ludicrous, The Wedding Present). He has a femal mate upfront, colouring in his shouted exhortations with the odd "la-la-la" and "do-be-do". He engages the audience in banter about the forthcoming Pride march and the confusion of out-of-towners surrounded on public transport by lesbian activists ("The Gay Train"). He sings pellmell, 500 miles per hour, about not driving, or flying, or learning other languages, during a touching love song ("Better Things To Do") over violin and sheer electric noise, so frantic his words are lost. His band - casual looking, friendly - refuse to join in with his singalongs, genially embarrassed at their frontman's enthusiasm.

His name is MJ Hibbett, his band are the Validators and - as the title of their new, download friendly album WE VALIDATE! states - he and they will validate your existence if you let them. I think he's ace.
Aah, isn't that nice? It's by Everett True, who had to leave before the last song for BABYSITTING reasons, and so missed the bit when Mr Francis Albert Machine decided he WOULD join in... which is possibly just as well. I'm back in Brighton tomorrow night actually, at The Albert again, if anybody fancies coming along. I'll be on EARLY, that I might get the train and get home OK.

The magazine also features an interview and HUGE PICTURE of The Bobby McGees. It's a very strange world we live in when lunchtime shopping off Oxford Street can be interrupted by the GRINNING FACE of Jimmy Cairney, but, in many ways, a GOOD one!

posted 6/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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That would be from up North London somewhere, I presume.
posted 7/9/2006 by Dan H

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