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I was just about to post a comment REPLYING to a comment and realised I've not done an Answering Comments BIT for a while, so let's do that instead shall we? Here's some ISSUES raised in the comments - Let's GO!

  • First of all DAN said, re. the Plan B review yesterday: "That would be from up North London somewhere, I presume. " Well, Peterborough IS North of Brighton... But then so is everywhere apart from Cornwall, I guess.

  • Francis Albert Machine attempts to correct my remarks about The Beatles with "it's 'thoughts about how GRATE The Beatles WERE' not 'are' - they split up ages ago - get with it daddio!". For ShAME! They are STILL GRATE, that has not changed!

  • Simon asked about "Boom Shake The Room" after my Secret Garden Party GIG - it's on The Uberset! Also, no, sorry, Boo Hewerdine didn't make me a brandy tea. I'm sure if he had tho it would have been LOVELY.

  • ROCK Covers and indeed ANY cover version requests, are always welcome - I'm hoping to go back soon-ish to Sonic Studio to record some more demo tracks and will DO ONE if there's time. A cover, that is. Not go MENTAL BAD CRAZY.

  • In response to my new song about names being spelt incorrectly Jon asked about the spelling "HIBBERT" being used on the multimedia ASPECT for WE VALIDATE!. The sad, sad truth of the matter is that this was done on purpose by Mr Frankie Machine, as he thought it was funny. I know. He is one crazy guy.

    That SEEMS to be all the ones that need answering - thanks VERY much to everyone who DOES leave a comment, by the way, it's always EXCITING when they arrive in my inbox, and it's always GROOVY to know that someone's reading my MIGHTY THORTS!

    Right then, I'm off to Brighton in a bit - SEASIDE HO!

    posted 7/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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