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Blog: The Halls Of Validation

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I'm pleased (and RELIEVED) to announce that after MONTHS of Not Getting Round To Doing It, THE HALLS OF VALIDATION are now open for viewing!

For those who don't know/remember, this was a SCHEME i came up with prior to the release of WE VALIDATE!. It seemed like a good idea, at the time, to try and get people to buy the album from SHOPS as, so the theory went, this would make retailers think "Oho! A Phenomenom!" and stock LOADS, so that then OTHER people would pass by and think "Aha! What's this? Perhaps i shall buy it, as a CASUAL PURCHASE". HOWEVER it's actually a LOT easier to buy our stuff via Amazon or, better yet, DIRECT from us, so in order to REWARD people who could be bothered to order it from shops I offered free BADGES and a copy of The Uberset to anybody who could supply photographic documentation that they had done so, and ALSO, of course, IMMORTALITY in THE HALLS OF VALIDATION!

It didn't seem to have much effect! I know a few people DID go and buy copies from Proper Shops, for LO! I have seen the sales sheets from our distributors, but it doesn't seem to have caused a Casual Buying RUSH, and most people who, very kindly, bought a copy, did so from us or from Amazon. In retrospect it was a bit of a KRAZY IDEA really, but i SALUTE the people who did so - they were Mr Albert Wesker, Mr Mark Penrice, and Mrs Wilson (mother of the legendary Phil) - HEROES one and all!

posted 20/9/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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my pleasure mark, could i please have those badges and the uberset? pretty please?
please mail me the answer at my e-mail adress, cheers
album is fecking great by the way
posted 1/10/2006 by Albert Wesker

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