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Blog: New Buskers

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This new Officially Sanctioned Buskers On The Tube thing is BLOODY GRATE! Some of them are a bit crappy - yesterday i saw someone very quietly playing accordian along with a highly intricate loudly amplified backing track, and that's not right is it? - but last night I saw one chap who just made me HAPPY. On the way back from EUSTON (where I had been to pick up the Strings On My Guitar, who was KNACKERED after going to Manchester, for the DAY) we changed at Bank and SCHLEPPED over to the Central Line. It's RUBBISH there, but the whole station was filled with the sound of a man singing in very typical EARNEST Busker Singing style, but he was singing "Catch The Wind" by Donovan, and it was absolutely beautiful. It's a lovely, emotional song that made me feel happy to be alive and appreciate all the life I've had and am still having. It also reminded me of sitting in our student house in Leicester with Dr Brown listening to his Donovan records, and then doing our Excitingly Easy version of "First There Is A Mountain", especialy BELLOWING the "Oh Anita" bit. We loved playing that song, though we only really new one verse so never did it live, although we didn't really even know one verse of "Child of the Moon", and we did that LOADS with Neil going "Child of the Moon! With your nur-nur nur, nur-nur nur, NUR!"

By the time we actually got to him I was FULL of joy and good will and gave him a quid - CHEAP!

posted 22/5/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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