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Blog: A Mighty Moment

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Apologies for the SLOTH in updates over the past few weeks - as things have Actually Been Happening I've been busy doing THEM instead! You may have noticed that there is now LESS here about How Annoying It Is When People Stand In Doorways and MORE about the crazy world of ROCK. Let us CONTINUE this trend, for LO! Mighty Events have taken place!

I was in Leicester on Tuesday night for an AAS Board Meeting which, as ever, was mightily productive. During my report to the Board about my activities Mr Fleay presented me with the finally finally finished and done MASTER of the album, which we then listened to right the way through. It sounds GOOD.

Yesterday I went to Camden (The Capital City of LOONIES and TOSSERS!) to see our non-loonie, non-tossers, actually Very Nice Indeed manufacturers, to talk about the PACKAGING. I went in with GRAND IDEAS about doing the album as a digipack, but discovered that even a bog standard super-normal digipack would cost TWICE as much as a normal run, and anything flashy would see it DOUBLING again! Urk! I then thought "Well, what if we just do it as a normal CD?" and was mildly surprised to find myself being quite happy with that idea. Thus, last night I set to gently rejigging the Design Concept, and it's looking GOOD.

Also last night I say myself down and integrated the Mastered Album with the Futuristic Multimedia. Around 11.30pm I placed the finished CD into a tiny CD player to check... and it WORKED! I packed up, and as I was taking the CD into the other room I suddenly realised what had just happened. After nearly three years of work, it was FINISHED. Yes, there's packaging and publicising and all that to do, but the actual album itself, the CONTENT, that was now DONE.

I still can't quite believe it - what am I supposed to worry about NOW?

posted 29/5/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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