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Blog: Out of Office AutoReply: The Last Working Day of The Month, Issue 23

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I've just sent out the latest issue of the NEWSLETTER, the last for the year, and received back a HUGE list of out Out Of Office AutoReplies, as MANY people have taken the opportunity to NOT come in to work. I'm sat in the office at the moment finishing things off (i.e. doing the newsletter!) but will be heading home, hopefully, quite soon. There should still be some updates over the next week or so, notably (if i get the time/can be arsed to do it) updates of the STATS page. There'll also be a report back on GIG 50 at The Union Tavern next week - if you fancy coming along and helping me celebrate a HALF CENTURY of ROCK this year, do please do so - i'll be there from around 7pm, the GIG will start at 8pm PROMPT, and it'll all be done and dusted by 10pm. Oh yeah, and it's not, technically, a GIG, it's a "Private Party", so feel free to wear PARTY FROCKS!

Right then, I'm OUTTA this crazy joint - a Merry Christmas to all our readers, and see you after Boxing Day!

posted 22/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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