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Blog: Christmas 98

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Afternoon all, and a Happy Holiday to one and all! I hope you're having a LOVELY Christmas, I have had a DELIGHTFUL one so far - we had our own Melford Road Christmas on the 23rd, which was GRATE. It featured a LOT of food, as cooked by me, also MANY kinds of BOOZE and presents VARIOUS. It was LOVELY! Then I headed over to Peterborough to see FAAAMILY, which was all very pleasant, and then got home again yesterday (along with thousands of other people who might JUST PERHAPS have thought MAYBE the ENTIRE Rail Network didn't NEED to be shut down for 60 hours) for some RELAXING.

HOWEVER a bit of a Christmas Spanner was thrown in the Festive Works last night - I'd just been tidying up our computer at home, ready for a day of a) organising b) playing Settlers IV c) interweb ACTION and was downstairs setting the VIDEO for "Torchwood" when I was called upstairs by the Dynamic Links In My Library, who had found that the computer was KNACKERED. I tried everything i could think of (largely consisting of ringing Mr Francis Albert Machine for help, who GROWLED when i told him we were still running Windows 98...) and then fell into a brief DESPOND at the thought of a whole WEEK without computer. HOWEVER HOWEVER i have since popped into WORK (i am there now) and have found a SLEW of possible solutions, so hopefully all will be well again soon. It has been, however, a bit of a SHOCKER, but a trip to BORDERS to spend my Christmas Vouchers [twice over] has been of some help. MORE Judge Dredd Case Files! HOORAH!

With any luck I'll be able to get in a bit of PRACTICE tomorrow for GIG 50 which is TOMORROW NIGHT! YOINKS! If you're wavering on whether to come or not then PLEASE land on the side that says "To heck with it! Let's DO IT!" as I think it's going to be quite a good night. As previously stated, I'll be doing two sets - a warm-up featuring some NEW and OTHER material, then later an UBERSET, with my VERY special guest Dr Neil Brown appearing between the two to play one of his RARE but always EXCITING LIve Sets. I know I should be excited about MY 50th gig, but it's the chance to sing along with a live rendition of "Dog On The Horizon" that is occupying my THRILL CIRCUITS at the moment.

So yes, I'll be at The Union Tavern, upstairs in the function room, from 7pm, and the SINGING will commence at 8pm prompt. If you can make it it'd be lovely if you did so, if not I shall report back here forthwith!

posted 28/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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