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Happy New Year everyone! Today finds me back at work... and wishing I was back at home, wandering the house finding things to do and bothering/being bothered by The Decorations On My Christmas Tree. ALAS the time has come to get back to THE GRIND again, and much as i Quite Like my job, i really could have done with a few more days/MONTHS of general loafing around. I believe i may possibly not be alone in this thought.

STILL, if it is into ACTION that we must go then let us go there with a) VIM and b) a GLAD HEART, so let us celebrate in the traditional way i.e. with GRAPHS! One of the many JOYFUL EXERTIONS i undertook over the festive break was to revisit the STATS section of this very website. I've just put up new GRAPHS describing VARIOUS topics, from The Average Day Of The Week For Gigs to Items Sold, By Outlet And Year. If you LIKE Slightly Simplistic Depictions Of Obsessively Gathered FACTS then my friends you will be in PIG HEAVEN!

I'm going to try and update the tables this week too, and hopefully get a few more new ones sorted out. Stand by for more MATHS FUN!

posted 3/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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