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I've just SPLASHED OUT on some more EQIPMENT: THE CD SELLER! This is a GRATE idea - as it says on their website, very VERY often at gigs i can't be bothered to set up a CD Sales Table (for various reasons including idleness, not wanting to show off, having to pack up gear and not having anybody to sit at a table, and mostly the awful misery of having a roomful of people studiously avoid coming near you in case you think they want to buy a CD when, actually, they thought you were rubbish) and I often wonder whether this might REDUCE the likelihood of buying CDs. But now, with THE CD SELLER this will surely become a problem of the distant past! Go and have a look at it tho, it's SUCH a good idea, it really is surprising that nobody's thought of it before!

In related Good Idea Previously Unthought Of (by me anyway) NEWS, I've just been writing my latest Tales From The Conference League column for SANDMAN, and had a bright idea: why not ACTUALLY write a Tale From The Conference League? In previous months I've tried to make it a THOUGHT PROVOKING ARGUMENT about Stuff (Various) to do with ROCK, and I've occasionally felt it's turned into a bit of a harangue. I usually have at least one failed attempt to write the column each month (this time, two) and it's always a STRUGGLE, but this morning I thought "Why don't I just write a story about one of my previous gigs? That, surely, is what the title implies?" so i DID, and it was PEASY - so much so that I've got the next two or three months' worth worked out too. Obviously this has yet to be FILTERED through the Editorial Eye of my regular CHECKER, The Ribbon In My Typewriter, but I'm hopeful of some EASIER start of the month writing sessions ahead. After all, I worked out LOADS of these stories at the start of last year for the abortive BOOK EXPERIMENT, so there should be a bit of material to work from.

In the meantime, the article published in November's just gone up. YES it harangues a little, but i think it has a POINT!

posted 5/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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