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Blog: 7 Seconds Of Love

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HEARTFELT congratulations and ROCK from all of us here to 7 Seconds of Love for their rather brilliant VICTORY OVER THE MAN!

If you've not seen the story, basically Coca Cola in Argentina put out an advert that was a pretty direct rip off of one of their songs. This FACT was brought to their attention by THE INTERWEB (notably by Mr Rob Manuel, who explains it all rather neatly) and after some DISCUSSION it seems that Coke has decided to PAY OUT a Substantial Sum to the band. Being LOVELY people they're giving a BIG CHUNK of this CA$H to a couple of charities which are close to the band, and spending the rest on putting out a single. They've also got Management - and not some scummy rip-off merchant either, but PETE JENNER! BLIMEY! And they've ALSO got a whole lot of publicity for the song, which they're going to re-release soon.

And I must say it couldn't have happened to nicer people - I've known of and SORT OF been in contact with them for YEARS through the b3ta connection, but we finally MET them last year when we played with them in Leicester (on the notable evening when they made the ceiling VIBRATE) and they were just LOVELY people, a total pleasure to ROCK with.

Usually in these situations it ends up EITHER with the Massive International Corporation telling The Little Guy to get knotted OR with said Little Guy doing a David Brent and spending the piddling amount of CA$H they can wheedle out on something stupid and SELLOUT that destroys the hobby they used to love, so it's BRILLIANT to see this time around they've actually managed to USE it to get somewhere GOOD and, as I say, it is RICHLY DESERVED. Well done CHAPS!

Now, how can I get PEPSI PERU to rip of Hey Hey 16K?

posted 24/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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