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Blog: Rocking All Night Long

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Off to DERBY for me last night, to meet Mr Francis A Machine, be served a delicious CURRY by himself and Mrs Machine, see their new CAT, and thence to THE PUB, for a quick meeting of Team Validator before PRACTICE. As usual most of the meeting was spent making HILARITY, but we also agreed a number of IMPORTANT POINTS re. plans for the next single, getting a picture taken of TOM for the MONTAGE that will hopefully be in the GATEFOLD of said item, and how we're going to record the next album (summary: quicker, using TECHNOLOGY). I also had an ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS pint of Pedigree, it was REALLY nice.

The only trouble was that we were having SUCH a delightful time it was a bit of a slog to have to leave and go off to have a practice, but leave we did and settled down to ROCK. It's at least six months since we last practiced, and MUCH longer than that since we set to working out new songs, so the going wasn't quite as SMOOTH as it has been when we're at out CREATIVE PEAK, but GOOD WORK was still done. We got My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once worked out pretty good, and worked up TWO JAMS for possible later useage. Things were held back a bit by my guitar going SPROING, leading to the discovery that I'd got two strings in the same slot, and being unable to sort it out properly, and also by the fact that it was LATE - we didn't finish until MIDNIGHT, that's WAY past my bedtime! We also had a quick go at a few others, including a Beatles Playing Yesterday At Budokan As A Full Band ESQUE version of It Only Works Because You're Here and the FIRST bit of The Mystery Train. Personally i was in the mood for some LOUDNESS tho, so that is what we stuck to.

It wasn't our MOST GRATE practice, but it WAS very lovely to see everyone together, and NEXT time we're going to be starting a bit earlier. THUS i have three weeks in which to write a PILE of lyrics - let's TYPE!

posted 30/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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