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GIRD thyselves - it's YET ANOTHER NEW SONG, Save A Meadow. VERILY, the current WAVE of NEW SONGS is a MIGHTY one and I am RIDING it for all I am worth. It's always strange how these MIGHTY TIDES roll in every now and again - for the first half of last year it was an ARID DESERT of songs, where MUSICAL MOISTURE (Metaphor Stretching Limits reaching CRITICAL) was hard to find, but just recently it has been a FLOOD. Sometimes when this happens I get a bit worried and think "I'd best STOP writing so many songs now, it's getting a bit much" and thus the SONG BUNG gets put in, but this time around I'm going to carry on until the WELL is DRY.

As well as all these aforementioned full formed NEW SONGS there's ALSO a whole lot of half-finished ideas, also Bits And Bobs, which I'm going to store up for DRIER times. As explained in its ANNOTATIONS, the song Do More, Eat Less, for instance, came from one of these leftover THORTS, so it's always good to replenish the STOCK (Metaphor: CHANGING) ready for the next time.

Anyway, yes, as it says in ITS annotations, Save A Meadow was written to ORDER to fulfil a request for somebody to write a song about the fight to save Warneford Meadow in Oxford, but also to be relevant to other campaigns. They didn't ask me PERSONALLY or anything, it was a General Request, so they'll quite likely not PICK ME, but I must say i won't really mind, as that way I can keep it for myself!

posted 12/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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