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Blog: Back On Tin Pan Alley

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I came into work with my GUITAR yesterday, that i might spend yet another very pleasant lunchtime round at Studio Sonic, recording yet MORE demoes. This time I did Save A Meadow (so that John The Publisher could send it off to the people who'd asked for such a song), Love Instead (so the Vlads could hear what i had DONE with their JAMMING) and Do More, Eat Less (because it's NEW!).

I had a different chap from usual, who was as pleasant as everyone else but less CHATTY, so we actually finished slightly ahead of time - SUPER EFFICIENCY! I'd meant to try and record my voiceover bit for the Spoken Word album THING I'm meant to be involved in, but forgot to take the words with me. DUR.

It all sounds pretty good though, I think, this was definitely a strong BATCH and hopefully we'll be able to get AT them next week when we practice. For now though I've got to get practicing, as I'm playing at a Birthday Party in Nottingham at the weekend, and I want to do some of this HOT NEW MATERIAL!

posted 14/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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