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Blog: One Of The Walls Of My House Fell In

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As DARKLY THREATENED the other day, there is YET ANOTHER NEW SONG up - One Of The Walls Of My House Fell In.

The reason i was able to SPOOKILY PREDICT its impending presence was that i had actually already WRITTEN it but, as detailed in the accompanying NOTES, I knew that it needed a bit of WORK doing before it could be presented to the WORLD. As it happened it got quite a LOT of work done on it - Verse Two and the choruses are pretty much as was, the rest has had EXTENSIVE REBUILDING WORK done.

This is probably because I have been reading Stephen King's book "On Writing" this week, and it is GRATE. It was lent to me by Mr Charlie Flowers, who said "you'll like this, it's GRATE" and he was not fibbing. The first bit was all about his life, and it REALLY made me want to read one of his proper books. NOW i am reading his WRITING TIPS, which is ACE because every ten minutes i want to GRAB someone and say "HA! Listen to THIS - he's RIGHT you know!" There's a lot about removing unnecessary words, SHOWING rather than telling, doing re-drafts and CRAFT sort of things, but also lots of ace ARTY stuff about Whoo, THE MUSE and that. It's really sweet, as every time he starts to go off into ALAN MOORE territory about the IMAGINI-SPHERE and things he has to SWEAR a bit, or mention his TRUCK, or go on about how HIS MUSE is a sweaty bloke who smokes cigars. It's very ENDEARING, which i guess is maybe NOT what he meant, but very nice to read about That Sort Of Thing without it being full of diaphonouse robes and incense sticks.

He was wrong, i think, about ONE point tho - when he talks about SIXTIES POETS and how nothing means anything SPECIFIC and it's all just unnecesary words he quotes "There Is A Mountain" by DONOVAN, i.e. "First there is a mountain/Then there is no mountain/then there is." Now, i think he is DEAD WRONG about that, i think that's a brilliant bit of ECONOMIC LYRICS about NATURE and the Nature OF Nature and also TIME and... Well, you know, DONOVAN STUFF, and fits in with the vibe of a) the song b) the time c) the MINDSET of going with the flow and not being hung-up and personal STUFF (see also THE OUVRE of Mr G Harrison). Also, lots and lots more stuff that I am going on about too much/with little elegance that he manages to fit rather SNUGLY into those 13 words.

Apart from that tho, it's BLOODY GRATE!

posted 23/2/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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