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I'm playing a GIG next month at an all day tribute to Bill Callahan AKA The Bloke From Smog. It's all rather lovely, except for the TINY problem that the only song of their's I know I've heard is Cold Blooded Old Times. HANDILY George from Damnably (who's putting it on) has provided me with a CD of some of their songs, and suggested I have a go at Dress Sexy At My Funeral.

THUS last night I sat down with my headphones and guitar to have a listen - and really liked it. I really really like the words, and had an ACE time singing them, tho i did get a bit annoyed with the MUSIC, as it is All Over The Shop with different bits and changes and that - I'm RUBBISH at working out other people's songs at the best of times, and when it's "structurally difficult" then it gets even worse. I mean, I can understand WHY people would want to do a song that didn't CONFORM to ROCK STRUCTURE, like if they had a song that just didn't FIT it, but I tend to find it all a bit dreary when people do it ALL THE TIME. If the only way you can make your stuff interesting TO YOURSELF is to make the verses SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT LENGTHS, then I RECKON it is time to take a long hard look at whether or not you might like to consider another outlet for yr creativity.

Hey, that is my opinion - SO SUE ME ALREADY. It always seems to me that it's probably a better bet to make songs ACTUALLY ABOUT SOMETHING INTERESTING in the first place, then you don't have to worry about whether or not the chorus conforms to a centuries patriarchal system of beats or not. It's like when you see ART that is about ART or BOOKS about BOOKS or - DREAD DOOM - Songs about BEING ON TOUR etc etc - i say STOP listening to music/looking at art/reading books and GO OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD.

ANYWAY, as you can tell, I was rapidly moving from really liking the song to getting myself all riled up about Other Stuff, so decided to WRESTLE the structure to the floor and do my OWN version of it. HA! With CHORUSES! So that is what I did - and it fell into it surprisingly easily and suddenly felt lovely and KEEN and POINTED and all round good times. Hoorah!

It might all come out rubbish still, mind you, but at least if I forget how to play my version it might sound MORE like the original!

posted 6/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Draed Doom - songs about being on tour??

You mean like Other Bands Setlists, This Is The Soundcheck, The Drummer's Lament etc

I look forward to hearing you play that Smog song using only 2 chords - it's hardly jazz in the first place!
posted 7/3/2007 by Francis

I've told you before - ONLY contact me through our lawyers!
posted 7/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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