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Whilst doing that interview yesterday I checked to see WHEN exactly the Belle & Sebastian gig mentioned in it was, and was a bit SURPRISED to find it was ten years ago - ten years ago TODAY, in fact!

In some ways it feels very RECENT - much of the evening is fresh in my memory and I think i'm FAIRLY MUCH the same person as I was then... but then again, thinking about it, I'm an awful lot happier now than I was then, am having MUCH more fun than I was back then too, and doing plenty of things I wouldn't even have thought of at the time. It was around the same time as I first new Mr Francis Albert Machine and THE WHITAKER and the beginnings of AAS were in the air, and it was around then that I decided to STOP writing songs that could have EITHER fitted into VOON OR some daft idea of what I thoguht "Proper Songs" were about and instead concentrate on what _I_ wanted to sing/bellow about. It was a big time of change in my life, and going to that gig was a big part of the SURGE in BELIEF that, actually, you COULD go off and do exciting new things with exciting new people in exciting new places (Derby! Sheffield! That London!) and have some FUN, rather than loitering around the same old pubs, complaining about nothing ever happening.

I've had some Unhappy Times over the ten years since then but MY GOODNESS I've had an awful LOT more good times since that night - in ROCK and also The Personal Life - and I honestly think most of them simply wouldn't have happened if I'd not decided to go up to Scotland to see Adventures In Stereo supporting "some band who've been on Steve Lamacq." I'm off to a gig tonight which I don't think WILL be as life changing as that one, but the beautiful thing about GIGS and - HEY! - indeed LIFE, is that you never know...

posted 8/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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