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Blog: On The Pitch And In The Boardroom

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Hand me down my skimpy shorts, broken nose and weathered frown! Bring me my sheepskin jacket and cigars too, for LO! this morning i have been in PLAYER MANAGER mode - to the MAX!

In a BLIZZARD of EFFICIENCY we now have a sudden DELUGE of Validators Activity to look forward to. We've got a PRACTICE next Tuesday night, followed by the GIG at DeMontfort University on Friday 23rd that I mentioned yesterday (the day after THAT I'm off to BRENTWOOD in the afternoon to do a session on Phoenix FM, then to CAMBRIDGE in the evening to ROCK The Portland Arms, but these are SOLO endevours beyond the remit of this BLOG, so i shall mention them no further). A couple of weeks after that we find ourselves regrouping for our SECOND practice, then - rather unnervingly - playing ANOTHER gig in Leicester on April 5th at Sumo.

That's right - we're practicing BEFORE a gig. TWICE. If we get much MORE Professional In Attitude we will start working THE CLUBS.

But that's not all! We've just sorted ourselves out so that the whole band will be getting together AGAIN on April 22nd to play the Smog all-dayer - this is the one where i was going to have to WRESTLE the song "Dress Sexy At My Funeral" to the ground, but now we will be able to PILE ON in a BUNDLE and just SIT on it until it says "Uncle". I don't know why you'd want it to say that, but it's something that the ever loving blue-eyed THING is always keen on, so if it's good enough for him and his Aunt Petunia it is good enough for ME.

ANYWAY. In a return to usual form i am RELIEVED to see that our NEXT practice is AFTER the gig - THAT'S more like it - and then things calm down rather. We MIGHT be starting the recording for the NEXT album in May, and the plan is to spend a gentle summer doing a bit of that, and also maybe some festivals.

Talking of which - AHA! - the Festival On A Train that i was on about yesterday is now pretty much CONFIRMED, and we should be playing on Sunday July 29th at the Indie Tracks festival at Ripley Station in Derby, hopefully sometime in the afternoon. This all looks GRATE - they're announcing it properly quite soon, but the list of bands playing so far looks ACE!

So as you can see, it is a ROCKING TIME ahead - but for now i must leave you, I've got some ORANGES to HALVE!

posted 14/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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