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A quick couple of links for you this morning, first of all some pictures of our gig at The Pleasure Unit a couple of weeks ago. Someone should REALLY invent SWEAT BIBS for the sake of people like Tim and I who, frankly, ROCK SO HARD that... um... we dribble MAN SWEAT all down our fronts. One of our cats seems to REALLY love the smell of aforementioned MAN SWEAT (when I leave my bag in the hall - ESPECIALLY when it's got Sweaty PE Kit Inside It - she has to be WRASSLED from it) but i fear it is not so attractive to other Human Beings. If only CATS were the target audience for our live performances we would be RICH RICH RICH... if only in CatNip.

And talking of live performance, here is another of them petitions, this one's to ask Mr Tony Blair to have a look at the new licencing regulations (which, i think, means a pub has to get an Entertainments Licence to allow ANY musical performance on its premises - previously you were SAFE if you only had two or LESS [NB but not too much less] people performing at once, leading to MANY MANY Sunday afternoon singalongs which now would be HEINOUSLY ILLEGAL) and SORT IT OUT. It is a cause with which I agree!

posted 15/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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