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Blog: Waiting For The Courier

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I've spent most of today, like most of the past couple of weeks, sat at work HOPING against HOPE that there'd be a call from the front desk to tell me a PARCEL has arrived, for LO! i am waiting for the delivery of our new single. It was meant to be here a couple of weeks ago, but as ALWAYS seems to happen there were "unexpected" delays.

It ALWAYS goes like this - I don't think I've EVER been responsible for a Musical Release which has actually been delivered on time and yet EVERY time I always think it IS going to arrive. It's been MOST frustrating when I've had stuff delivered at home and had to sit around waiting for it, so at least this time I'm sat somewhere I'd be ANYWHERE, but it still winds me up. Would it be that hard for them to be HONEST about it? Or, indeed, to LET ME KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING? I used to cower in fear from the idea of pro-actively chasing up manufacturers LEST they deem us unworthy and decided not to bother at all, but this time around i have been being ARSEY with them, and for the past few days have been ringing up and DEMANDING to know what's going on. The story today is that the CDs AND the sleeves are DEFINITELY done, DEFINITELY put together and are DEFINITELY with the courier company so will DEFINITELY be delivered tomorrow lunchtime, but as they were DEFINITELY on the way two weeks ago, then one week ago, then by Monday, then Tuesday, then today, i am not exactly holding out much hope.

Except, of course, i REALLY AM and will be spending all day tomorrow LEAPING out of my chair every time i hear the front door going! THAT'S how they get away with it!

posted 28/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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