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Blog: A ROCK Concert

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I headed off to Southwark last night for a VERY exciting GIG - as I think I've mentioned, The Strings On My Guitar has been learning how to play guitar for the past few months, which has all been LOVELY. OK, it's been a bit embarrassing when she's come home with chords i've never heard of, or demonstrated that, actually, i have been doing it WRONG for all these years, but this has been MORE than countermanded by a) PRIDE and b) getting to learn some more chords.

Last night, then, was their end of term concert, when they were to play two of the CLASSICS of Learning To Play Guitar: "Stairway To Heaven" and "Wild Thing". Oh YES! I arrived in the GROUNDS of the Church Hall to hear the gentle strains of the whole class practicing and singing the former WAFTING over the gardens, and sat down to wait and LISTEN to it. A load of people all singing together quietly is a LOVELY sound, communal AND intimate, and it sounded ACE.

We went into the Church Hall and got ready to ROCK. There were several other guitar classes represented, and I was expecting to at LEAST hear a version of "House Of The Rising Sun", but most of them were CLASSICAL. The first lot were very good, but there was no singing. I LIKE singing! HANDILY our heroes took to the stage second, and it was ACE - people YELPED with delight when "Wild Thing" started, it was lovely. FOR ME this is the big difference between the CLASSICAL stylings and "folk" (as their class is called) INSOMUCHAS Classical seems to be all about people going "SHH!! Watch in SILENT AWE at my technical proficiency!" whereas the folk/popular styling is a LOT more "Come on everybody, let's have a SINGALONG!" With the former you're an observer, with the latter it gets better the more people JOIN IN.

Anyway, it was ACE and of course The Bars In My 12 Bar was THE BEST - ooh, i was so proud, like a Parent at a School Play the CAMERA was much in use, and i had a LOVELY time. After that there was a whole lot of other classes, and it was sweet to see pretty much EVERYONE was BRICKING it - there was a lot of going "PHEW!" at the end of every song, it was lovely. At the end of it all we HIED ourselves to THE PUB, as is traditional, to drink BEER, and for me to WALLOW in the PRIDE of being The Roadie!

posted 29/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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