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Blog: They're Here!

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WHOO!! Half an hour agao I had a phone call from our office's front desk to say a BIG BOX had arrived for me - it was THE SINGLES! I HEFTED them downstairs and opened the box with SOME trepidation - would it be the right singles? Would they look OK? Would the insides be done properly? Would the music play? Would the multimedia bit be OK?

It took me a while to accept the FACT, but FACT it is: YES! It's ALL GOOD!

It's SUCH a relief - I've been convinced that these would all go wrong but NO, it all seems to have come out OK and they look REALLY nice. Here's the FRONT COVER for you:

click for big version!

NICE isn't it? And the back cover is ... well, that's something ELSE. Inside there's four more of our Smiths Cover Recreation, and all in all it looks SMASHING. HOORAH! FINALLY we can get GOING and send the things out - it's officially released on April 30th, but if you happen to be an DISC JOCKEY you may well be getting a copy through the post in two and a bit weeks, and if you're on the mailing list then I'll send out the traditional EARLY PURCHASE OPPORTUNITY email a little bit before then.

It's all rather exciting, and ESPECIALLY a relief this time around as it means i can now get GOING - and ROCK!

posted 29/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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GREAT Sleeve !!!
posted 29/3/2007 by Dave D

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