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Blog: What is this Earth Thing you call "Work"?

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I don't know about you but I had a GRATE Easter - Easter! Like Christmas, but for grown-ups! A festival of loafing around, drinking beer, eating chocolate and hot cross buns, and NOT having to go our and BUY loads of stuff (NB except beer, chocolate and hot cross buns) or DO anything particularly.

I personally PARTICULARLY like this season because I work at a UNIVERSITY and so get the Thursday and Tuesday either side off EXTRA, which is just BRILLIANT - yesterday myself and the Freezing Of My Ice took the opportunity to go to the PICTURES and see "Blades Of Glory" which was a)daft b) funny c) GOOD, which was all very pleasant and, all in all, it's been six GLORIOUS WORK FREE DAYS full of GIGS and PUBS and LARFS and CHOCOLATE and general good times. HOORAH!

HENCE i now find myself in the traditional post-Easter LULL where I find myself back at WORK almost as if i had never left, having to do things that OTHER people want me to do rather than... well, sit around watching telly, eating chocolate, drinking beer and all that sort of thing. STILL, THIS time i have hatched a cunning plan to come in to work THIS week when other people have gone away on holiday then NEXT week - AHA! - i am off on holiday MYSELF, just when they'll have come back. HA! It is a GENIUS PLAN!

Meanwhile, in ROCK, i learn that we've already had the first official play of the new single, over on wonderful Phoenix FM. Thanks chaps, hopefully it will be the first of SEVERAL!

posted 11/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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