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Hello England! We're back back BACK from our holiday, tanned, relaxed, and, in my case, HAIRY, as I forgot to take my razor with me and now I've got to wait a few days to shave lest I end up with the BIG WHITE ANTI-TAN around the chops of the defenestrated post-sunshine MUSH. We had a really really good time - a WILD night out in Palma on Saturday (featuring: lovely pals, DELICIOUS wine, a rockabilly club [it's the sound the kids are digging in Palma - i AM Kristian Guru Murphy!], TEQUILA, an American bar where i became CONVINCED the jukebox was telepathic before eventually realising the barman was stood behind us, listening to the bands we were talking about, and finally some angular dancing to The Cure and a STAGGER home) then a whole load of LOAFING about in our apartment, drinking PIMMS by the Pool, cooking Holiday Stew, and generally having an ACE time.

I returned to find all SORTS had been going on with the new single, notably airplay on XFm in Scotland, 6Music, BBC Ulster, BBC Lancashire and on Marcelle Van Hoof's show to name but SOME. I've spent most of the morning packaging up and posting singles to members of the Mailing List who took up the Early Bird offer (thanks!) and then moved on to various ADMIN, including preparatons for when the aforementioned new single goes on sale. It's all been rather exciting I must say, hopefully it's the start of all MANNER of thrills, more news of which, as they happen!

posted 21/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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