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Lots of FACT for you today - let's GO!
  • The GIG in Nottingham on Wednesday has been CANCELLED - boo!
  • New song, Let's Leave Our Jobs And Move To London available for your reading pleasure NOW - HOORAH!
  • Over the weekend we went to a DO, where I met Jonti from Weebl's Stuff - I said to him, JOKINGLY, "Aha! Now I have met all THREE of the Interweb Illuminati" and he - INSTANTLY said - "Oh, me, Rob and Joel?" It was a CHILLING INSIGHT into the TRUTH!
  • Early-birders on the Newsletter have but a few hours to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer, for LO! tomorrow we launch the NEW LOOK website, and the single's officially OUT there!
  • Talking of which, here's a couple of reviews, one over at Zaw Towers (excellent cover spotting!) and one at To Hell With. Thanks chaps! If anyone sees any more, do let me know won't you?

    That's the lot for now, but tomorrow: ALL CHANGE!

    posted 23/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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