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Blog: BBC Radio 2

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EXCITING times last night as The Dial On My Radio and I stayed up EXTRA LATE to listen to Mr Steve Lamacq's Radio 2 show, on which he played the Radio Edit of The Lesson Of The Smiths! HOORAY!

It was VERY exciting, and also rather WEIRD to hear our song followed by the familiar Radio 2 Jingle, it all felt rather STRANGE and UNREAL (especially as the show before had been a documentary about Liberace!!) but also GRATE! It was also a really good show - yes, I know i am probably a little BIASED at this point, but it felt like a proper listen to exciting NEW stuff, unfettered by the needs of any station policy or Afternoon Considerations. It was GRATE - though next time I think I'll listen again rather than staying up, it was WAY past my bedtime!

Also, in SPELLING NEWS, I note that the official tracklisting spells my name WRONG, the website RIGHT, and gets quite PERVERSELY PHILOSOPHICAL about the name of our label Are they? I think not!

posted 3/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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