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Blog: Dynamic Day of ACTION

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The past few days have been a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE of Exciting Things alternating with ... well, with sitting around being a bit bored as the bit of work I've got to do at the moment is that REALLY ANNOYING sort where it's very very boring but required CONCENTRATION. It'd be DULL in any circumstances, but all the FUN stuff that's been occurring round the single makes it feel even MORE so, and add to that the FACT that I'm having to be Self-Motivating about it, ALSO that i've done it five times already (DATA CLEANING! Say WHOO!) and the result is me sitting glaring dully at my computer screen all day, obsessively clicking REFRESH on my Hotmail every 60 seconds in the hope that something exciting pops up. This is NOT, i'll bet, how MCFLY spend the week of their single release.

Anyway, in an effort to GET GOING today has been a day of FRENZIED ACTIVITY on various fronts, not just WORK. I had a LOVELY chat with the MCPS this morning who were very friendly and helpful, even though they were being very friendly and helpful about charging me (as a record label) MORE CA$H to release MY OWN CDs! Still, they WERE dead nice, which makes a surprising yet DELIGHTFUL change from most "professional" music organisations i have ever dealt with. OH YES.

I've also been in DISCUSSION with our PUBLISHER (OH! how i love typing that!) about how best to take advantage of a Big Interview which I will hopefully be doing soon for a Major Monthly Magazine (Rock & Reel, the LOVELY editor of which put on our gig in Cleator Moor last year and so has earnt our ETERNAL FEALTY). We MAY be going out on a mini-tour to RE-PROMOTE the album - we'll have to check the COFFERS before getting to excited, but this may involve a VAN!

I've also done KRAZY ROCK AND ROLL things like ask for a repeat prescription, buy a wedding gift and book the day off work for my birthday (YOW! CRANK UP THE WIND MACHINE!), and just now have had to SHOW OFF MASSIVELY. Yes, I know, it seems UNREAL to think of me doing such a thing, but this was in a good cause: The Never Ending Quest To Play Summer Sundae.

Every year since it began people have contined to say "Why are you not playing Summer Sundae? As a Leicester based band with airplay on 6Music, surely this would be ideal for you?" and i have had to reply by BURSTING INTO TEARS and saying "I know! We keep asking but they never reply! It is Actually Rather Upsetting!" EVERY year we've applied to play but have never heard a DICKY BIRD back from the organisers, and after we had LOADS of people saying it last year we decided to take action, so tried SEVERAL times to contact the booking agency, sending FACT PACKAGES to several people, but never getting anything back from them. We then tried, with the aid of an UNNAMEABLE SENIOR SOURCE on The Leicester Music Scene to be ASKED to play... Er... In ways which I don't really understand, but don't seem to have worked as they appear to have ASKED all the proper bands they're going to ask!

THUS, in the FRENZY OF ACTION that i am IN today, I decided to try one more time to go on ROUTE ONE and sent a letter DIRECT to the festival organisers (again), but this time ANSWERING the requirements spelt out in their Unsigned Bands Fact Sheet. I loath the term "unsigned" but we'll not go into that here... NO, BRANE, we WON'T! NO! SHH!! Sorry, BRANE getting steamed up, so anyway i went through and replied to every requirement and it felt a) a bit embarrassing and like showing off but b) REAL GOOD, like a Job Application of ROCK, and an Application which i felt PROUD of.

Of course, many is the time in Job Applications when they get NO RESPONSE despite being GRATE, but at least THIS year if we don't get to play I'll be able to claim that there must have been an internal candidate!

posted 4/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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