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Blog: Control Alt Delete

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Another afternoon at home with my ukelele whilst The Women are out, and what's a chap to do but record another Song For YouTube? Just this minute gone online is a UKE-TASTIC version of my old song Control Alt Delete (here's the LYRICS and NOTES, should you require them). It's a song I wrote several years ago now which never quite TWANGED the BRAIN ELASTIC of The Validators, so has languished ever since, waiting for a chance to be GOT OUT. I only ever played it once, when I went down to Brighton that time for The Ukelele Research and Development night a couple of years ago, and INDEED played it on the UKE that time too, but tho it has fallen from the Discography it's never been lost from my HEART, as I really like it.

My only disappointment with this version is that it does NOT include the phrase "Let's Reboot The Mainframe" which appears in the LYRICS, just because that was supposed to herald a LEAD GUITAR BREAK which, being unable to break out AXE LICKS with my toes, I was unable to do. Otherwise I must say I quite like it - see what you think!

posted 19/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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