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Blog: Reviewing: PIECE OF PISS

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It's a BUSY week for me this week (including the Evolution Festival tomorrow night - click on "NERO" for a FRIGHTENING Hibbett Close-Up!) so it was arranged that I'd spend this weekend LOAFING AROUND, and very nice it was too. I watched a LOT of telly and yesterday went to the pictures. Thus: REVIEWS!

  • Doctor Who: Series One - nearly finished this now. Aaah, wasn't Christopher Eccleston lovely? I'd forgotten QUITE how ACE this series was, once again i CHEERED at the "wipe every last stinking dalek out of the sky" and am preparing to CRY at the "have a fantastic life" bit.

  • Doctor Who: Series Three - this is turning out to be BLOODY GRATE too tho - it's ALL been good so far, and we've STILL got Human Nature, The Steven Moffat Episode, Captain Jack AND Mr Saxon to go. Me: EXCITED!

  • Gavin & Stacey - we happened upon the first two episodes on Saturday night and LOVED it, so watched episode three last night and a) LARFED b) went "Aaah! It's FUNNY but also dead SWEET and sort of old fashioned. But mostly funny - HOORAH!

  • SPIDERMAN 3 - went on Sunday afternoon, it was obviously NOT as good as Spiderman 1 but MUCH better, i thought, than Spiderman 2, largely because it FELT like proper comics, with all the different stories going on and ESPECIALLY because of the TEAM-UP. That was GRATE! I wish Superhero Films would do that more often, instead of BORING Origin Stories or fighting one BORING super baddy. How much BETTER would Superman Returns have been if it had had BRAINIAC in it too, also Batman? Answer: INFINITELY. I also got quite excited about the new Fantastic Four film, he's going to say "It's Clobberin' Time" again isn't he? I am HOLDING OUT for a mention of Aunt Petunia this time!

  • The Football - it was a bit rubbish wasn't it?

    posted 21/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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    Interesting - I've been keeping a set of reviews of this season of Doctor Who going over at King of Quiet and found it a bit of a mixed bag so far...

    Plug over, and more amusingly: at least one person of our mutual acquaintance inferred from my absence at two consecutive Hibbett gigs that I was dead!
    posted 21/5/2007 by John Kell

    If you liked Eccleston in Who, you should see him in Heroes...
    posted 21/5/2007 by Anonymous

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