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  • Mr Pilkington's review of the gig is HERE - Compare and contrast the FACT with that found below!
  • There's a VERY short interview with me over at Fire Escape Talking along with a link to a petition that i cannot, of course, comment on.
  • Has anyone else noticed that's it's taking MUCH longer to get served in bars these days? I don't mean waiting to get someone's attention - i have the condition REGULAR'S FACE which means i don't usually have a problem getting served but DO tend to get roped in to do Regular's Duties (like minding the door at venues) in places I've not been to before - but actually getting your BEER. I don't mind bar staff taking a long time to pour a pint of Guiness... well, actually, i DO, it's bloody ridiculous, but I can at least accept it has historical antecedents, but for HEAVEN'S SAKE, it DOESN'T take long to pour a pint of BEER, and you DO NOT have to leave it to settle, top it up a bit, and then go back and do some more. Even worse, there seems to be a RIDICULOUS FAD for having drinks that take TEN MINUTES EACH to do worse - i was in The Lansdowne in Leicester on Friday night and EVERYONE was drinking things with about ten ingredients each. The week before, also in Leicester, in the Firebug one of the bar staff got a PESTLE AND MORTAR out to mix a bloody drink! Mr D Dixey, Sorted Supremo, opined that bars think that if they take longer to make the drink they can justify charging a lot more. He may be right, but COME ON, BARS! I'm thirsty over here!

    posted 4/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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