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It's all a bit HECTIC at the moment - suddenly, inexplicably, i have LOADS of work to do, at the same time as we're getting ready to head over to DEVON for the weekend (to ROCK it - also Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in That London on Monday, bring SCONES), at the same time as i am planning to bake a PIE. OK, so the PIE isn't quite as hecticity creating as the other two, but i am Quite Excited about it.

In the midst of all this a rather lovely email from those TOP QUALITY people at CDBaby arrived to let me know that Warriors Of Nanpantan is FINALLY available to buy via iTunes. It was supposed to go up at the same time as The Lesson Of The Smiths/The Gay Train but somehow got STUCK. As ever with CDBaby, though, all I had to do was email them and within HOURS i got a reply from an ACTUAL HUMAN to tell me they'd sort it out and, LO AND BEHOLD, they actually DID! Big British Companies: Take note, THAT is how you should do it!

In CELEBRATION of this feat i've had a bit of a TIDY UP over on our iTunes page, which now lists ALL the albums and singles we've got available there, and i must say it is QUITE a lot - i was surprised, I didn't know we were QUITE this modern! I must admit i have never (i don't think) actually BOUGHT something off of it - having recently lost the entire contents of my NanoPod i prefer to have everything pre-BACKED UP... You know, on CDs - i do think it is a GRATE thing. I especially like to go and look at our page every day and see what's the most popular song and what other things people have bought. It's not the fastest moving chart in the world, that I'll grant you, but it IS ours!

posted 7/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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