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Blog: ATAK of the FACT

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I'm working at home today and, contrary to usual expectations and, indeed, Academic Duty, i am doing TONS OF WORK. This is probably helped by the fact that the INTERWEB is in a DIFFERENT ROOM to the computer I am actually doing the work on. It's like GOING BACK IN TIME!

ANyway, LOADS of FACT to get through today, so let's HIT IT, shall we?

ITEM! There's a rather CORKING new song online, Leicester's Trying To Tell Me Something, which is one of the TUNES we jammed the other week. Full INFO on its NOTES page.

ITEM! As reported over on the GIGS page, it looks like i probably WILL be playing at the Cornbury Festival a week on Saturday. It appears that it'll just be a solo gig, and I don't know how what or long they want me to do, but I shall supply more FACT just as soon as i have it.

ITEM! The Contrast Podcast that I recorded a BIT for is now online. It's their "Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs" BIT, with me talking about Leave My Brother Alone. ME AM DJ!

And that's the FACT for now I think - now I return to the OFFICE OF 1995!

posted 27/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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