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I'm still KRAZY BUSY at work, so here's a swift SWEEP through some ITEMS!

ITEM! I am indebted, yet again, to Mr E Bewsher of Hull who sends me a FANTASTIC YouTube link to me playing Payday at The 12 Bar Club a couple of years, on the Artists Against Success Tour with Frankie Machine and Adam Hector Collectors. Adam's song Gary Numan Needs Another Hit is ALSO up there, and GRATE. Aaah, such LOVELY memories, that was a GOOD week!

ITEM! I am now DEFINITELY playing at the Cornbury Festival this weekend, HOORAH! I'm only doing one song, my Ukelele version of Boom Shake The Room, but HEY! Doesn't mean I can only watch one song of the Proclaimers, does it? I'm on about 3 o'clock, they reckon. Where did I put my wellies?

ITEM! There's a new GIG on the GIGS page, in Brighton in August with those Lovely Brothers and Bobby McGees. There's a few PENDING too, in Leicester and Sheffield, I ought to chase them up really oughtn't i?

That's the FACTS for today - I'm back to work now! BOO!

posted 3/7/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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