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Blog: I Did A Gig In New York

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NEW SONG ALERT: I Did A Gig In New York over in the NEW SONGS section, which is currently looking rather FULL.

I'm working from home next week, which will be a BLESSED RELIEF after the past six weeks or so, when I've been KNACKERING myself working HARD. However, pretty much everything has now been FINISHED and, as they're decorating my office next week, i'm going to HAVE to stay at home. HOORAH! Obviously i shall be spend the usual Office Hours HARD at work, but if i DO happen to find any time free I'm going to sit down with the various songs on that there NEW SONGS page and work out which ones are going to go on the EXCITING SOLO ALBUM. There's quite a few obvious candidates from recent times, as well as some OLD songs that I've always liked but have never got round to doing properly and INDEED I Did A Gig In New York which i wrote SPECIAL for it. I am REALLY looking forward to getting going on it!

Right now tho it's time to get my desk CLEARED ready for the painters, then it's HO! for ISLINGTON, where I'm playing tonight at Lark In The Park. FACT on THAT, next week!

posted 13/7/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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