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Blog: At Home, Working

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I've been at HOME all week this week, as they're decorating my office and so I have no DESK to sit at. I thought this would be GRATE - basically a WEEK OFF for free - but it hasn't turned out EXACTLY like that. The whole being at home bit has been LOVELY, but I've had LOADS to do, not least answering the phone Quite A Lot to give SUPPORT to our fieldworkers. I haven't sat out in the garden drinking tea ONCE, not even for five minutes - nobody tell THE UNION, i will get DONE!

Yesterday I even had to go into WORK, it was MADNESS. I did, however, get to do a bit of SHOPPING afterwards (featuring use of Calm Telephone Voice to Worried Fieldworker whilst i was in The Plaza Centre: ALWAYS WORKING, ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL) and this included the purchase of the AMAZING Boss Micro-BR Digital Four Track. It's TINY - JUST a little bit bigger than an iPod, and LIGHTER. I've not had much chance to have a proper go at it yet, but it apparently has effects units, drum machine, tuner, and BIG memory, and it was only 150 quid! MENTAL! I'm getting geared up to use it for The Solo Album, and i THINK I may even be able to hook it up to a LAPTOP and MIX it there too. WE SHALL SEE.

In the meantime, I've also uploaded pictures of our trip to CORNBURY - they're HERE, on FLICKR. Aaah, that was a LOVELY day out!

posted 19/7/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Hi, been reading your Blog for a little while and just read that you bought a Boss Micro BR, now I'm not tring to sell you anything but just wondered if you've ever heard of the Zoom MRS8 an 8 track digital recorder, cool effects and programmable drum machine. I use one to make a few demos and find it really easy to use. As I said I'm nothing to do with the company just hoping you find the info useful. By the way I sent you a friend request on MySpace you have not replied to yet. Keep up the good work.
posted 20/7/2007 by Simon McDonald

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