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Blog: Back At The Desk

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You find me this morning frankly GLISTENING with SWEAT, as I came back in to work after my week Working From Home And Actually Having To Work to find that the people who attempted to put our office back together over the weekend didn't EXACTLY do the TIPPER-TOPMOST JOB of it. FOOLISHLY they have been wandering round the building this morning, so people have been GLARING at them, OPENLY. Yes, do not cross ACADEMICS, my friends, they will FROWN without mercy!

THUS I have spent a happy few hours moving boxes, HEFTING monitors, and wandering the building tracking down monitors etc. To be perfectly honest it has been QUITE GOOD FUN, I always quite like putting computers back together, it is like LEGO, and there's something quite satisfying about following the MAP of our room to make sure everything goes back in the correct place. Who'd've ever thought that someone who enjoyed THAT sort of thing could find gainful employment in the world of COMPUTERS eh?

Anyway, I'm all sorted out now and ready to get ON, and hopefully things will return back to normal with regards to REGULARITY OF POSTINGS. To celebrate the return of NORMALCY i present you with a NEW DOWNLOAD, a MUSICAL PIECE called EXTERMINATE which I recorded last week on my flashy new DIGITAL FOUR-TRACK. It's NOT the traditional First Thing To Record On A Four Track (i.e. Multiple silly voices, swearing) but it IS quite jolly. Also, SHORT!

posted 23/7/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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