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Work continues... sorry, "work" continues on the solo album, as last night I finished off the drum programming for She Tastes Like Sugar and had a BRANESTORM, realising that I could tape them off the computer just by PLUGGING IN THE FOUR TRACK. I got a bit OVER-excited, trying out guitar effects before eventually realising they sounded FINE dry. It was a big relief to be able to do this, as I was worrying about doing the whole album using the Not Actually That Good drums that come with the four-track.

That said, i DID then go on to use the rather lovely 808 KIT on the NEXT song i started, Hey William which is sounding Oddly Funky. It's really nice to have the return of this little HOBBY in my life again, it's LOVELY popping upstairs for half an hour to play a bit of bass, and i'm REALLY looking forward to doing FIELD RECORDINGS of other instruments, starting this weekend when I'm getting some BODHRAN from the back of a VAN! HA!

Actually, i did some ACTUAL field recordings last night - i sit and do the recordings in our bedroom, at the front of the house, and as i was COMPING the guitar for Hey William (i.e. CHEATING) i got the sound of some KIDS playing in the street mixed onto the start by accident. I really liked it, it fitted DEAD nice, but i had to take it off to re-do the take... somehow I don't think it'd look good if i went out to try and RE-CAPTURE the sound.

Meanwhile, NEW GIG! After the JOY of the Guard's Carriage Stage at Indie Tracks I've decided to have a go at bringing back the Totally Acoustic gigs, and thus myself and Mr Pete Green are going to be playing upstairs at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street in That London on August 22nd. As usual we'll be starting early, with the entire gig starting at 7.30pm (PROMPT!) and finishing by 9pm, after which there may well be BEER and CHAT. HOORAH!

posted 7/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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