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Blog: Widdly Diddly-ing

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Work continued APACE on the SOLO ALBUM last night, as I spent a very happy hour or so working on She Tastes Like Sugar. Having messed up the recording of DRUMS the night before i re-did them before recording double-tracked acoustical guitars - this i did on the two DIFFERENT acoustical guitars currently residing in our house, my GIG GUITAR and the RATHER POSH one belonging to The Strings On My Ukelele. Brian Eno says you should use different instruments when you're double-tracking (well, he said quite a LOT of things re. recording different versions of the same instrument, but that was one of them) and AS USUAL in these manners he is RIGHT: it sounds MUCH better.

Having done something GOOD I then spent the next half an hour falling into HOME RECORDING TRAP NUMBER ONE: TOO MANY EFFECTS. My exciting digital four track has TONS of different guitar effects, 90% of which go "WHOOOOSH! " or "FIZZZZ!!!" or BOTH and I thought I'd avail myself as these, so recorded a whole OTHER guitar part going "GRR! FIZZZ!" and then another one going "WIDDLY DIDDLY WHOOOOOSH!". It was, obviously, a whole lot of fun, but the best was yet to come, as it was BASS TIME!

Whoo! BASS TIME! I LOVE playing the Bass and, if i'm honest, the opportunity to DO so is one of the main THRUSTS behind all this. It's the main instrument I feel comfortable playing - when I see other people playing guitars and doing Fancy Pants Axework i always think "How are they DOING that? And why can't i?" yet hand me a BASS and it is WIDDLY DIDDLY WHOO-HOO time. After one run through I had a super bouncy extra widdly bass part all worked out and, a couple of goes later, completely PLAYED. I wish I could do that with the singing and the guitaring!

After tea I returned to the headphones to discover that those third and fourth guitar parts were A BIT MUCH and so, this morning before work, did a new BOUNCEDOWN without them in it. It sounded MUCH better - now all i need to do is handclaps, a LEAD guitar part and... er... probably 100,000,000 tracks of backing vocals, and then it'll be done! HOOPLA!

posted 8/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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