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Wikkity-WAH! Catch the ZEITGEIST baby, for LO! i have been TAGGED with a MEME! It's the FUTURE!

This one is the Eight Things You May Not Know About ME THING that a few people have been doing, and it comes to me from that nice Mr Fitchett at Unpopular. HERE WE GO!

1. My Great-Uncle Harry invented a widget that, according to their Director, at his funeral, saved Bass Breweries. I feel this means they owe me BEER.

2. I was the national champion of the "Sabre Wulf" on the ZX Spectrum for two months, according to the listings in Personal Computer Games magazine. My brother witnessed my completion of the fame in record time, and my Mum signed the certification.

3. I go to the YMCA Gym, just off Tottenham Court Road - i try to go three times a week, and I wish this was something that people DID know about me just from looking, but it REALLY isn't!

4. The only time I have ever fainted was one Christmas when I was about 10 - my brother and I got a black and white portable telly and I was so amazed I passed out!

5. The long running night club Shag Frenzy in Hartford, Connecticut, U!S!A! is named after a pretend band invented by ME on uk-indie.

6. My favourite AFTERS (don't call it dessert) is steamed treacle pudding.

7. The first mailing list I ever joined was advert-L, the blur list. After that I was on the Billy Bragg list, but got chucked off for arguing with a "left wing" American, and then I moved over to uk-indie.

8. The first time I met Drumming Sensation Tim Pattison he was pretending to be an A&R man from Wiija records. Whether or not i believed him is STILL a source of contention between us.

I know what you're thinking - "How did i ever LIVE without these fascinating FACTS?" I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Apparently you're supposed to TAG other people to have a go - i'm not sure any of these KRAZY ROCK & ROLLERS will want to do it, but let's link to them anyway:

Francis Albert Machine
The Johnny Dominos
Plans & Apologies
Pete Green

Er... I don't really know many people who do THE BLOGS, does that count as a NINTH thing?

posted 10/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Steamed treacle pudding - Good Choice.

Just came across all your stuff. I appreciate the Otway spirit.

Anyway, thought you might like to know that on Facebook there is now a ZX Spectrum Application that allows you to play a bunch of old Spectrum games within Facebook itself. It includes Arkanoids and Manic Miner and The Hobbit (once a favourite of mine).
posted 10/8/2007 by Anonymous

Sabre Wulf? I can probably beat that. I used to be pretty excellent at Activision's "Frostbite" on the Atari 2600, in fact unofficially I'm sure I held the world record ;)

Anyway, the Sabre Wulf thing could be excellent song inspiration: "I was Ace At Sabre Wulf" maybe?
posted 10/8/2007 by Warren

I was one of the first people to get past Eugene's Lair on Manic Miner! Well, that's what I told everyone at the time.

Any road, I have picked up this tag and run with it! If you go to the news page on my site you will find a link to Eight Things You May Not Have Known About Pete Green. Look at me, getting into the spirit of things!
posted 14/8/2007 by Pete Green

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