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Blog: At It Like Prince

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It's been a busy couple of nights in THE BOUDOIR for me as The Solo Album ACTION continues APACE. On Monday I got an email from John The Publisher asking if I had any songs available for a BRIEF asking for something positive, mentioning rainbows, that builds up and is QUIRKY... so i wrote one! It's called Pass It On and I had a VERY jolly evening recording it, before writing and singing the words then MIXING it next morning. I doubt anything will come of it though, in which case it will join Save A Meadow and She Tastes Like Sugar, both of which were written similar, on the forthcoming PLATTER.

LAST night I did some more work on the aforementioned Save A Meadow and then started on Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine. I wanted to get some kind of working version of both of these done so that I can try and get The Tiger to record some kind of STRINGS on them this Friday, when we're playing together in Leicester. Save A Meadow was fairly easy going, based as it is on the BODHRAN from last week, but I had a RIGHT time of it trying to play along to drums for Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine as a) my lovely four track has a pretty rudimentary drum machine with only two waltz time patterns, BOTH of which are just click tracks which give me trouble anyway and b) there's a bit in the middle where it slows down and MAYBE goes to a different time signature, so eventually i just did it WITHOUT, and it seemed to work all right. Actually, on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL it worked a bit too well, as it made me feel a bit SAD and NOSTALGIC - it's one of my songs that ALWAYS does this to me, which i think is a good sign, but does make for some MOPING.

The next job, I think, is to finish of She Tastes Like Sugar and then sort these out, after which I should be about halfway done. I've got to look into MIXING too, as it MIGHT be easier/better to transfer all the files to my computer and do it THERE, although that will of course be actual HASSLE as the transfer takes ages, but other than that, it's all going RATHER nicely, also EASILY.

Mind you, i cannot speak for SOUND QUALITY: it's becoming clear to me that, despite nearly ten years of MATURATION and DEVELOPMENT, it all sounds EXACTLY like my Cassettes used to sound like, just with MORE UKELELE. Whether this is a GOOD thing or not, i cannot be the judge of!

posted 15/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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