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Blog: Executive Production: THE FACTS

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Today i have been EXECUTIVE PRODUCING The Solo Album! OH YES! What this means is that I haven't really done anything AT ALL on it for the past couple of days, and certainly won't be tonight (as myself and Mr Pete Green are ROCKING The Lamb), so INSTEAD i have been a) MULLING b) HASSLING other people.

MULLING has taken the form of... er... listening to what I've done so far, and thinking about what needs doing next. There's nine songs now begun, so I thought it'd probably be a good idea to work out what still needs doing on these, and how to go about recording the 1-5 songs (not decided yet) I've yet to begin. This IN TURN led on to me sorting things out to the POSITION where I can get my GUEST ARTISTES sorted out with what they are Very Kindly going to do. I've already recorded THE BODHRAN of Mr Charlie Flowers and yesterday received some rather MARVELLOUS violins and vocals from Mr Tom McClure, and should have more coming in from various others soon, including Mr Pete Green, Mr Phil Wilson and Mr Francis Albert Machine. I'm still hoping to get the Pattisons ABOARD too, tho they're on holiday (AGANE) at the minute so will have to wait on that one.

It's all very exciting and fun anyway - according to my ALBUM COMPLETION PLAN I need to get the basics of my stuff sorted out before I go on holiday in a couple of weeks then mix it when I get back, and THEN we should be ON TRACK for a release mid-October and - HOPEFULLY - a bit of a TOUR to follow. WAHEY!

posted 22/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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deer markkk
what iz yr .ico?
iz it a) deathstar b) mouldy old donut c) a navel?
enquiring mindz etc
yr pal
j. firebrand
posted 22/8/2007 by Anonymous

Good question! The Icon is actually a wonky looking typewriter key, from back when the whole website looked like a typewriter... but it looks crap now doesn't it? I shall SORT it!
posted 22/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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