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Blog: Podcasts and PLANNING

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First up, I'm told that the new edition of the The C64 Take-away podcast podcast is online now, featuring TALK and PLAYING of Hey Hey 64K - I met the chap who does it at the BITLive event I did a couple of months ago, he seemed keen on the song!

In other news I am continuing to EXECUTIVE PRODUCE myself by doing even MORE in-depth planning for the solo album, which now has a SECRET but pretty definite TITLE. CLUE: it's the name of one of the songs, and ALSO sort of descriptive of the general sound. WHAT CAN IT BE? OoooOOoooh! Anyway, I'm off on holiday in a week or so and, as I want it all to be ready to RELEASE in October I thought it best to have a fairly detailed PLAN OF ACTION - the previous version divided tasks into WEEKS but, to be honest, this wasn't enough to stop me from PANICKING so I've now got a DAY BY DAY plan with one or, sometimes, TWO items of ROCK to ACHIEVE each day. I've already DONE today's item (emailing people about some gigs) and I've started a couple of others, so it's ALL GOOD. LIFESTYLE TIP: when making a Big List Of Things To Do, always put some DEAD EASY things in, for LO! IT FEELS GOOD!

And now I'm doing the first draft of the NEWSLETTER which will be coming out a day early i.e. TOMORROW. Blimey! Did we get through AUGUST already?

posted 29/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Thanks for the mention - and for letting me play the song. Always nice to meet musicians who embrace podcasting as a way to gain a bigger audience.

/Jan, host on The C64 Take-away
posted 29/8/2007 by Jan Lund Thomsen

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