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Another evening of Solo Album ACTION last night, as I - GET READY FOR EXCITEMENT - created Acid Pro files for the last few songs that didn't have them. IT'S LIKE LED ZEPPELIN! BUT MORE ROCK!

Well, it needed doing, especially as I needed to get near-finished versions of some songs OUT to some of my Guest Artistes. One such song was Born Yesterday, which got some backing vocals from Mrs Emma Pattison in Derby in Monday. Unfortunately i hadn't realised that the fact that some ROUGH MEN were in the next room making a RIGHT OLD RACKET would get picked up on the sensitive microphone (INDEED you can HEAR me say "Okay, see how you get on", leave the room, walk along the corridor, go next door, and start making aforesaid RACKET) BUT i managed to use CUNNING to extract everything necessary, and it sounds LOVELY - Emma always does slightly MELANCHOLIC harmonies, it's dead nice.

Anyway, I did THAT and a few other bits and bobs, including extracting DRUMS, and I'm now ready to get started on the last couple of songs. The PLAN is to get most of my bits done before I go on holiday next Thursday, so that the aforementioned GUEST ARTISTES can do their bits while I'm gone - it's going to be TIGHT, but it's looking good!

And in other news, the NEWSLETTER just went out, a day early as tomorrow I'm off to Peterborough for the day. As ever, if you DON'T get it sent direct to your email, and would LIKE to, SIGN UP!

posted 30/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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