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Blog: A Million Ukeleles

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A couple of days ago I received the following, from a Mr T Pattison, of Woodhouse Eaves, with regards to my recent mentioning of The Solo Album:
TITLE. CLUE: it's the name of one of the songs, and ALSO sort of descriptive of the general sound. WHAT CAN IT BE?

Surely it must be HELL ON EARTH, do I win 5 pounds?

HO! With his comical humourisms and rythmical poundings, he's like our own version of RINGO!

Obviously this question is causing much BROW FURROWING, so i thought I'd take the opportunity before I go on holidays to reveal that the ACTUAL title is going to be A Million Ukeleles, and that the putative tracklisting will be as follows:
Born Yesterday
Save A Meadow
Pass It On
Down The Narborough Road
Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time
Hey William
Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine
A Million Ukeleles
Hell On Earth
I Did A Gig In New York
She Tastes Like Sugar

Not in that ORDER, but them's the ones I've been working on. It's all sounding - EXCUSE me for EGOMANIA for a moment - really quite good, I must say. I've nearly finished all MY recording bits and just have a couple of tracks to get in from some of my HONOURED CONTRIBUTORS, which I'm hoping to have in by the time I get back from holidays, then it'll be MIXING AHOY ready for the STILL ON TARGET release date mid-October, when I'm planning to do a couple of hundred PHYSICAL copies and otherwise release it onto iTunes. Yesterday I had a good old go at re-doing my vocals for Born Yesterday and then having a HEFTY mixing session on Hey William, which is my FAVOURITE at the moment - it's got STRINGS by Mr Tom 'Tiger' McClure and MANDOLIN and BANJO by Mr Phil 'Indie Legend' Wilson, and it all hangs together RATHER nicely. I am CHUFFED!

More news when I get back on MERCHANDISE and general DESIGN, but stand by for a LOT of frankly DELIGHTFUL ukelele pictures!

posted 5/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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