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  • ITEM! I've had a little flurry of Sheffield-based emails these past couple of days, which leads me to believe there may have been a FUZZTIVAL announcement... though I can't find anything about it online. DOes anyone have any idea? I'm going to try and a) stay and watch some bands AFTER me and b) NOT be out drinking until 3am the night before and c) NOT get up at 6am on the day and drive hundreds of miles this year and thus FACILITATE a), so i am EAGER for FACT!

  • ITEM! I got a lovely email from Mr Vince Hodgson saying he's been doing a cover of Billy Jones Is Dead in his LIVE SET, including sessions at the Sidmouth and the Shrewsbury folk festivals. COR! I am RIGHT excited about this - i LOVE the idea of other people covering our songs, the only time I've ever SEEN it happen was the Fighting Cocks' version of Bands From London (are shit), but that was a LONG time ago. More please!

  • ITEM! I received a Compact Disc in the post the other day from ROCKER over at Dandelion Radio, containing his show for this month. It is ACE (especially that 16 minute Lancashire DUB one in the middle), and features WE VALIDATE! as his album of the month. We met the man himself at IndieTracks last month and he was a) very nice b) very ENTHUSIASTIC about The ROck Music, which was GRATE. We're ALSO, i believed, featured on the Neil Jenkins show this month, with him playing songs from The Lesson Of The Smiths. I may be wrong, but i believe this is IMMENSELY COOL!

  • ITEM! I'm off on HOLIDAY tomorrow - HOORAH! I'll be away from tomorrow (Thursday) until the FOLLOWING Thursday, and though I MAY be able to check my emails from Monday onwards, it is FAIRLY likely that I will be LOAFING AROUND in the Majorcan Sunshine instead, so ADVANCE APOLOGIES for any response delay in the next week or so.

    Right then, I'm off to PACK!

    posted 5/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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