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Blog: Home Again

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HOLA one and all, I am back in Blighty again after a rather DELIGHTFUL holiday. We went to Majorca again - because it is GRATE. We went via Stansted on Easyjet a.k.a. ESSEX AIRLINES with about 15,000 hen nights and stag do's. At the start of the flight i was thinking "Ah! Such charming extrovert young peoples, full of life and laughter and ready for fun!" After two hours i was SOMEWHAT LESS CHARITABLE.

That was about IT for annoyance tho, as once we landed we headed into Palma to the LOVELY CAFE next to the train station and then got the DINKY TRAIN through the mountains to Soller, which was FAB. We spent four days there staying in a B&B that was, like ALL of SOller really, like something off the TELLY, just BEAUTIFUL. Oddly i found myself ACTIVELY ENJOYING loafing around and CHATTING to other Residents, which is something i used to FLEE from - i guess it is MATURITY, yes? We went on a couple of walks, one very nice one through GORGEOUS villages and up and down mountains, and one that ended up being rather longer than expected as the Coastal Walk had... well, fallen off the coast and into the sea. We also went and looked at the Miro and Picasso exhibition which they have in the train station (it was GRATE - altho The Influence Of Picasso On The Modern Art meant the display of his ceramics looked EERILY like a display in Habitat), had a couple of rides on the TRAM, and - AHA! - saw CHIEF O'BRIEN from off of STAR TREK!!! It was VERY exciting, i almost fell off my flip flops!

We then got the BUS around the coast to Puerto Pollensa, going round quite HAIR RAISING bends where I kept thinking "Oh look, another hole smashed through the wall by the side of the road... " and wishing i WASN'T thinking that. We stayed in the place we usually stay in and had a LOVELY few days doing Actually Rather Little, it was PRECISELY what was required, the only LOW SCORING item being the fact that it wasn't any longer.

Still, it was a BRILLIANT holiday and we got back last night sun-tanned, slightly mosquito bitten (especially in my case), and ready to ROCK - there's an album to mix and some DATES to book, so I'd better get on with it hadn't I?

posted 14/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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