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Since last we spoke i have had a MARVELLOUS return to life in Blighty, not least because The Wings On My Plane and I went to a WEDDING on Saturday. It was Miss Claire Dicko and Master Stu Baboon, now to be known as THE GIBBS, and it was ACE - especially the CLASSY TOUCH of getting a Routemaster Bus from the wedding ceremony to the reception, which was in the super posh Staple Inn, which is a sudden slice of ELIZABETHANNESS next to Chancery Lane. It was LOVELY, and there was dancing and drinking and TEARS and eating and drinking and LOTS of chat. The only downside is that there MUST have been something wrong with the ventilation or something, as the next day I felt REALLY QUITE POORLY - lethargic, headachey, i don't know WHAT can have caused it...

When NOT celebrating A UNION OF LOVE I spent my time working away on the Solo Album, which is now on the very VERGE of being finished. I had a fantastic time sliding in the extra tracks that people have sent me - having ONLY really recorded with The Vlads it was ODD to get musical contributions that were a) completely NOT what I expected but also b) GRATE. Not that the Vlads are not EITHER of these things - they are of course very MUCH b) - but we've been together SO VERY LONG you generally have some idea what to expect. I certainly did NOT expect, for example, the MENTALNESS of Mr George Gargan FRETWORK, but i am VERY pleased to have received it. I'm now on the very very last but one MIX of everything, and have it on the MyPod for CHECKING. There's a couple of little TWEAKS to do, but I am fairly confident that by the end of the week it'll be DONE, and though i may end up getting it Independently Mastered, which'll take a little longer, we're still looking good for that mid-October release date.

I have THUS also done myself a FITNESS PROGRAMME again, this time featuring Sir Mick Jagger, the better to IMPEL me to get in TOURING condition! Come on! WORK IT BABY!

posted 17/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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