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Blog: So Many Lovely Things!

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You discover me this afternoon SURROUNDED by wonderful items, and FULL of DELIGHT to be so, for LO! there have been DELIVERIES.

I was working at home yesterday (bit poorly [THE USUAL] + stuff I could do on the laptop) and though this meant i managed to COLOUR IN and STICK the covers of several of the CD boxes i was DETERMINED to come in today because I knew that at least ONE thing would have arrived, and thus was GLEEFUL to find, when I arrived, that the BADGES had turned up. They are BRILLIANT - i got them, as ever, from the lovely people at Wee Badgers, who are BRILLIANT. They're really quick, dead helpful, and the badges get done so quickly one becomes SUSPICIOUS that they are dallying with THE VERY FABRIC OF TIME. There's TWO designs this time, and if all goes to plan I'll be sending one out with every PURCHASE of the new album, and then have some spare for the TOUR in October.

That was all I was expecting for today, but then a couple of hours ago i got a call to tell me MORE items had turned up - it's the CDs! I was AMAZED by this - I've got so used to them taking WEEKS bordering on MONTHS to get done that the fact it all got sorted within FOUR DAYS is a bit flabbergasting. I guess I shouldn't be - there's only 200 of them, they were copied on a big machine, and there's no packaging, but still, it was a FANTASTIC SURPRISE to see them arrive so quickly. They look GRATE, they sound GRATE (hem hem) and if you're interested in doing a short run of CDs yourself i would thus heartily recommend Short Run CDs of Bristol. They also answered emails within the hour AND sent sample copies AND emailed again to check if they'd arrived. HOORAY!

Finally, at lunchtime, I popped round the corner to Blade Rubber Stamps to pick up my UKELELE stamp. They come up second if you google "rubber stamps" and, as they're five minutes from my office, I thought I'd give them a go. They ALSO were very easy, price efficient and swift, although ONE DEMERIT must be applied: when I went to the shop they thought it was a stamp of a GUITAR. "It's a ukelele", i said. "Whatever", said the lady. IT'S IMPORTANT!

So as you can see, LOVELY THINGS pretty much rock my world today - now all I need to do is get the booklets finished and we're nearly at PRODUCT COMPLETION!

posted 27/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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