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Blog: Preparations Nearing Completion

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Today I am facing the STRANGE POSSIBILITY that soon, or soon-ISH, all my pre-release preparations will be COMPLETE. OK, I've still got a pile of covers to COLOUR IN and a hundred more boxes to put together, but everything else is nearing the stage we call FINISHED. Nearly all Top 25 copies have been sent out (to contributors and FAAAMILY), and the envelopes for the promo copies have been address labelled, return address stickered, and STAMPED with the GLORIOUS Ukelele Stamp. The Press Release is on its final DRAFT, the accompanying letters are nearly done, and FLYERS for the individual gigs are ready for printing.

ALSO today i took delivery of the FANTASTIC new A Million Ukeleles T-SHIRTS! OH what wonders they are - they're a lovely RED colour with a YELLOW print of a single UKELELE on them, they're dead DEAD nice. These'll be on sale at the same time as the album itself, and will ALSO be available a week early for people on the MAILING LIST. I think I'll be doing another SPECIAL OFFER this time too, to get the t-shirt AND the album.

And if THAT wasn't enough excitement, I also went out and bought myself an ELECTRO-UKELELE! I'm going to try and do at least SOME songs on tour gigs on the uke, and would like to try them out when i do the GIG at Shortfuse next week so, really, buying an ELECTRO-UKELELE was the most sensible course of action.

And isn't it a wonderful world to live in when THAT is the most sensible thing you can do?

posted 3/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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