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I took the HAND-MADE aspect of the new album a step further today by HAND-DELIVERING a load of them! I was planning to post out promo copies next week but then realised this would be a) slow b) potentially hazardous, what with the postal strike and everything, so thought I might as well take affairs into my own hand and take them round a few places myself. This was actually quite easy, as the offices of Word Magazine (nice lady, said "Is it for The Word?" as soon as she saw me - did she not think i was there for a HIGH FASHION magazine or something?) are only 10 minutes out of the way if i go to work via King's Cross, whilst 6Music (very suspicious guy who wanted to check every envelope) and Radio One (surprisingly jolly woman about my age who seemed to be waiting for someone) are only ten minutes away in the other direction. It felt GOOD to be getting these done, though I must admit I was sort of hoping someone would come running out of a studio and say "AHA! Come right in and record a session NOW". This, however, did not happen.

In other news, it's been pointed out that previous details of our GIG tomorrow night in Lewisham are INCORRECT: we're actually playing at 7.45pm, not 8.00pm, so if you're planning to come, please come a bit earlier!

posted 5/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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